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Plains Hunter: Unsuspecting Box #2 LbNA #58619

Plant date:Jul 3, 2011
Location: North Fork Dam Recreation Area
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Jul 3, 2011
**This box is planted from a series of three that I carved last year when we were planning on going to the Midwest. Due to a series of unfortunate events, we weren't able to make it. So I will be planting the three boxes in various parts of Oregon.**

The fishing is supposed to be great bring your poles if you would like.

Directions to North Fork Dam Recreation Area:

Going South bound towards Prospect, Oregon you will take the first right after the ranger station. You will see a clear sign marking this area.
Going North bound you will see a sign across from Prospect that let's you know that the ranger station is 1/4 mile ahead. If you get to the ranger station, you have done too far. Turn around that see South bound directions.

After turning into this area, follow this road all the way to the parking area.

Directions to the box:

1. When you are in the parking lot, you will see the bathrooms. By the bathrooms is a trail that leads into the woods by the water. This is where your adventure begins.

2. Walk forward following this trail until you come to two large burned out giants. There is a path that goes left. Take this scenic route down by the water.

3. By the trail with copper cable is a brown tree that is split into 4 branches. Across the trail from this tree is a very large pine tree. Walk up the hill on the trail.

4. Left or right???? Hmm...better turn towards the left. Do you see a huge fallen giant that lies close to where you are? This tree is very important. Walk to it.

5. On the side of the tree that is opposite of the trail the box is hidden at the base underneath some bark.

Please make sure you rehide this box well. Lots of people come on this trail and poke around, so please take time and put it back better than you find it. :)