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Queen of the Lakes LbNA #58519

Owner:BiblioTech Contact
Plant date:Jun 30, 2011
County:Alberta, CAN
Found by: CourtHouse
Last found:Jul 5, 2016
Last edited:Jun 30, 2011
On a tributary of the Bow River you will find the sternwheeler steamship S.S. Moyie. Her namesake once ruled as the "Crow Boat" on the Nelson-Kootenay Landing Route in British Columbia, but she calls Calgary home. If you want to look up the S.S. Moyie's HERITAGE, PARK your carcass near the east side of the Glenmore Reservoir.

Pay the lady a visit if it pleases you. To find her stamp, follow the paved walking trail south from the big "H" until you get 65 steps past Nola Laurie's rest (if you reach the brown-roofed Landing, you’ve gone too far). You will see a small paved path descending to the southeast through the brush. Walk down this path. At the end of the paved portion, look down to your right. You will see a small cable fence.

About two feet (or 60 centimetres) from the right end of this fence is a pair of trees. The box can be found between the trees at their base. Be sure to replace the leaf litter covering the box once you are done.

Please be careful if the area is crowded, as it used by plenty of joggers and cyclists. Please replace the Moyie's letterbox as found, to protect it from curious critters!

Note that the stamp can be found without having to pay any entrance fees.