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Revolutionary Heroes of the Oakland Hills LbNA #58254

Plant date:Feb 8, 2010
Location: Redwood Regional Park
Planted by:mandala Contact Inactive
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Feb 9, 2010
Last edited:Sep 20, 2015
Revolutionary Heroes of the Oakland Hills

Boxactive Dec 2, 2010
by CompassRose
Location: Redwood Regional Park, Oakland, CA [MapQuest] [Yahoo! Maps] [Google Maps]
Plant Date: February 8, 2010
Last Modified: February 8, 2010

When you hear the word “revolution” in Berkeley, you may think Che Guevara or, as in the letterbox “Heroes of the Revolution”, Marx or Lenin or Lennon. The idea for this letterbox was sparked by my recent accidental discovery of a redwood Memorial Grove linked to revolutionary heroes of a different type. When I found out that even the organization that apparently founded this grove, had no idea of its existence and was delighted I’d happened upon it and asked me for directions to it, so they could come out and photograph it, I decided a letterbox was in order as well to increase visitation of the apparently unknown Memorial Grove. After you finish this letterbox hunt, you’ll know the name of the grove and have some clues about who the Revolutionary Heroes are.

For this letterbox hunt you will need to access photographic clues stored in the Atlasquest Photo Gallery. Go to Atlasquest home page, which is at, click on “Toolbox”, click “Photo Gallery” and then “Browse Albums”. Find the album entered February 6, 2010 called Revolutionary Heroes of the Oakland Hills. You’ll also need a map of Redwood Regional Park, and a compass that you can use to take map bearings and walk along a bearing in the field.

This letterbox is listed on under my trailname there, CompassRose.

Begin by obtaining a map of Redwood Regional Park, published by the East Bay Regional Park District. These are available at main trailheads such as Skyline Gate, Canyon Meadow Staging Area & nearby Park office, Chabot Space and Science Center, the East Bay Regional Parks main office in Oakland, and I think also Pinehurst Staging Area.
Using the map, find the parking lot located at 165 degrees from the “P” at the Skyline Gate Staging area, and also at 135 degrees from the Moon Gate, which is at the intersection of Skyline Blvd and West Ridge Trail. Park there.
NOTE: throughout this letterbox clue, a “pace” is defined as one adult step.

Follow Photographic Clues.
1. Find “The Colonies in Chains” and start on the path behind it.
2. Ascend the slight hill, finding “William dawes and paul Revere” , and heed the direction they give.
3. March straight ahead as you pass by “Washington and Rochambeau”
4. Witness “The Battle of Bunker Hill.”
5. Continue on the way and see “The Battle of Lexington and Concord.”
6. Continue straight ahead from there, eventually seeing a “Musket Riddled Fort” to the right.
7. Experiencing abomination at “The Stamp Act,” go only 33 paces further along the status quo, then take a revolutionary turn to 213 degrees, and head 58 paces deep into the fight for independence.
8. Head north along the wide way, staying on the left or west side. Count three metal poles on your left as you continue, and at the third pole, look across the way and see “Old New Gate Prison.” Watch out! You’ve lost cover and enemy forces threaten to strike. Head 230 degrees and 15 paces for cover.
9. Reach a safe pathway. Now head 43 paces along 320 degrees. Just a few paces after you begin, you may spy the “Forest Schooner” if she has not by now sailed into more distant forest parts.
10. Arrive at “Benedict Arnold” bending in two directions in the pathway ahead.
11. Just 5 or 6 paces to the right of Arnold, see “Old Leather Britches” of a fallen soldier.
12. Give Arnold a cold left shoulder and go 70 paces at 305 degrees.
13. Passing by a carnage pile of broken limbs, arrive at “Molly Pitcher” at about the 70th pace: see her leaning down to bring water to the thirsty troops. Continue on, speaking words of encouragement and gratitude to her, 12 paces at 290 degrees.
14. You should now find yourself in direct alignment at 215 degrees with a large fallen comrade, whose feet face you.
15. Take a bearing of 260 degrees and find “The Sign of Victory.”
16. Go and find out all about the memorial grove.
17. Standing directly in front of the sign, now victory is near. Head AB degrees for CD paces, where A= number of letters in last word of 3rd line on sign. B= zero. C = number of letters in first word of 3rd line on sign. D= number of letters in last word of 1st line of sign.
18. Seek the treasure at the base of a halfling member of the grove, held safe with a 100 pound door. Rather than lift or roll the door, tilt to open.