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Scots Rose: Spinosissama LbNA #57828

Owner:The Olde Oak
Plant date:May 14, 2011
Location: Nicasio Reservoir
Found by: mr ahclem
Last found:Oct 23, 2016
Last edited:May 14, 2011
I planted a Spinosissama rose behind my clothesline maybe fifteen years ago. The plant grows low and thorny and the flowers small. Very hardy! And I’ll bet if transplanted to this little island in the Nicasio Reservoir it would be just fine without care.

Read here for a scholarly discussion of this Scots rose:

To find the Scots Rose: Spinosissama Letterbox check out Nicasio Harp and start from that letterbox (or where that letterbox ought to be). Look off at 210 degrees toward a big rock about 5 modular home lengths away. On the south side in the middle of it all look behind some rocks. After you stamp in please rehide carefully. Thanks for coming and in the spring check for ticks on the way out.