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Mendoccino College Eagle LbNA #57471

Plant date:Apr 15, 2011
Location: Mendocino College
Planted by:DorothyGayle Contact Inactive
Found by: TobyWanKenobi
Last found:Aug 26, 2016
Last edited:Apr 15, 2011
The Mendocino Eagle letterbox is located at Mendocino College, which is on Hensley Creek Rd. in Ukiah. To find the box, park at the west end of the main parking lot and look to the west where you will see a large eagle watching over the campus. Walk towards the Child Development Center where you will turn left (south) just past the CDC. Follow the road until the football field lies on your right. There take the oak lined dirt road up the hill towards the eagle. After a short distance, take a left at the Y which is a lesser path. When you reach the pavement, turn right towards the eagle. Notice the baseball field on your left and the spectacular view from home plate.
When the pavement ends, count 6 fence poles including the large one at the gate. At the 6th pole, you will find a chunk of concrete under which lies the Mendocino Eagle.
Please rehide carefully. Look out over the valley. A song might be appropriate.

New box planted on March 19, 14 and sadly I found a page from someone's book with 4 stamps, but no name.