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Reservoir Bagpipes LbNA #56992

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Inactive
Plant date:Feb 13, 2011
Location: Nicasio Reservoir
Found by: geckonia
Last found:Dec 1, 2016
Last edited:Feb 13, 2011
Bagpipes are indeed the national musical instrument of Scotland and an important symbol for that country. They may not have originated in Scotland and have been around a long time. Here’s one website where you can read about the bagpipe:

To find the Reservoir Bagpipes Letterbox head over to Nicasio Reservoir. From the intersection of Pt. Reyes Petaluma Road and Nicasio Valley Rd drive, walk or fly .8 to a small rutted pullout on the Reservoir side. At the lovely port-a-potty go left up the hill following the direction of the road below you. Stay way away from the edge though as you could tumble down and provide dinner for Mr. and Mrs. Coyote and the buzzards. So follow the small brushy trail (such as it is) if you can see it. If you can’t just keep going up awhile until you see a medium-sized hill of rubble probably left over from digging out the reservoir. It was to my left, but it could be to your right. Walk a little further, maybe 40 yards until you can see a larger rock outcropping, maybe five or six feet high, further up the hill. There is also a silly little geocache at this rock which I noted almost instantly and examined with customary disdain.

Go to the northwest side of this large rock. About a foot away see the two smaller rocks. Lift up the one closest to where you parked or started the walk to find the Reservoir Bagpipe Letterbox.

I think this letterbox because of its hiding hole may be particularly susceptible to moisture so really do a good job of tucking the plastic into the box and closing securely.

Thanks for coming!