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The Eye and Star at Whalebone Bay LbNA #56235

Plant date:Oct 17, 2010
City:St. George
Planted by:danu-hotep
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Oct 17, 2010
This box was placed in honor of another Bermuda letterbox (The Pink Bermuda Shell, now retired), which was in a fantastic location for a bottle of wine. I say this because when I found the Pink Bermuda Shell in 2008, the cork that became this box’s stamp was sitting right on top of the Eye and Star rock, which the Pink Bermuda Shell was hidden in.

Follow Ferry Road southwest, heading away from the town of St. George. Soon after you pass the entrance to the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences (BIOS) on your left, look for the brown Railway Trail signs pointing to a small road into an industrial area on the RIGHT. Follow these signs right into the industrial area, and then left between two fences to the trailhead gate. If you have a vehicle, you can park it here (or see the Note below).

Head through the gate, down the hill, and then left at the fence along the Railway Trail. Follow the trail for about 1-1.5km, enjoying the stunning views and a few bits of history along the way. When you reach Whalebone Bay on your right (and the end loop of Ferry Road on your left), you will notice that the trail joins a paved walkway into the Ferry Point Park. Take some time to walk around and explore the ruins of the old structures here. Cross the bridge to the Ferry Island Fort. Check out the Burnt Point Fort out on the point. Walk up to the Ferry Point Martello Tower (this tower is open for tours on occasion – see the information on the sign). Eventually, locate the Ferry Point Magazine, and take a peek inside the old building if you dare! (Note that this is not the magazine on the ground floor of the Martello tower, but a separate ruin located down hill from the tower, towards Whalebone Bay.) You are now very close to obtaining your reward! Facing away from the door to the magazine building, look to your left (north) and find a rather large prickly pear cactus growing along the wall of the magazine yard. In front of the cactus you will see a large flat rock, pointing up and towards the bay. Behind and beneath this rock you will find what you seek. (Be careful retrieving your prize! There was plenty of room to reach in when the box was placed, but if the cactus has grown in you may need to reach in from another angle!)

Note: If you miss your turn into the industrial area, or just don’t have time for a longer hike, you can follow Ferry Road until it ends in a loop at Whalebone Bay, and enter the Ferry Point Park here. There are also restrooms available in a small building to the left when entering the park area.