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Castle in the Pines LbNA #55975

Owner:artTrekker Contact
Plant date:Aug 15, 2010
City:South Lake Tahoe
County:El Dorado
Found by: Dawgdok (2)
Last found:Feb 18, 2020
Last edited:May 22, 2017
May 22, 2017 I'm super sad to report that the Castle in the Pines box (box 2) is missing. I guess I should be happy it lasted as long as it did in this high traffic area.

Going to visit my favorite part of the Lake? So beautiful, so gem-like, and a state park. I'm so thankful for that; its shores could easily have been developed within inches of their lives, it could have been made inaccessible to any but private owners. There are parking options...the parking lot is on the lake side between mile markers 53 & 54, and it costs $10 to park. There is a strip of free parking along the highway nearer the falls trailhead parking (fee) lot. Dogs are not allowed on the trail to the castle, and I highly recommend making this walk during a low traffic time: early morning, late afternoon, off-season. Whenever you go, please be very discreet about retrieving and rehiding these boxes, so as to keep them safe.

Box 1--Hand-Carved: From the castle's parking lot, take the main trail down to the bewildered bench. From this bench, look towards the island in the bay. At 11:00 is a craggy juniper; go to it. Behind it is a grouping of 3 small junipers, and behind them is a fallen log. About 10 feet up the log from the root end, on the shrub side, just under a short branch stub, resides Hand-Carved. A squarish rock blocks its doorway. Move the rock and reach under log.

**MISSING** Box 2--Castle in the Pines: It's about a mile down the trail to lake level and the castle (bear right as you approach the bottom, reach some signs and have a choice of road). Go to the beach side of the castle and look for the image from Box 1. Face and count the multiples, then turn to your right and walk to the other side of the large cedar tree at the corner of the building. Follow the rock-edged path that leads NW-ish from the building until you are reminded of prohibited things (dogs, camping, fires). Make no turns. Continue on this path a number of steps: (images you counted + 1) squared + one. If your legs are shorter, it might take a few more. Converse for you long-legged walkers. You will know you are in the right place when the surface underfoot changes. If you make a crossing and reach a giant ponderosa pine (feel free to give it a hug), you've gone too far. Just when you are in the right place, have a seat with your back to the beach, and reach down with your left hand. There will be one rock in front of and hiding the box. Be sure to replace this one rock when you rehide.

Enjoy your walk and this magical setting, and let me know how you fared! You can return the way you came, or do some research and take a much longer walk in one direction or the other. There is plenty of exploring to be had here.