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Crimson Grouse LbNA #55787

Plant date:Sep 23, 2010
County:Alberta, CAN
State:Alberta, Canada
Planted by:Blue J Contact Inactive
Found by: CourtHouse
Last found:Aug 5, 2016
Last edited:Sep 23, 2010
Crimson Lake Grouse
No-one came to visit at Crimson Lake so the Crimson grouse has migrated south to Ghost Lake, Alberta.

Drive west on Highway 1A from Calgary, through Cochrane (which has a great ice-cream shop) and keep heading west on 1A. Cross the bridge over the Ghost River, where the marina is, and immediately turn south into the Ghost Reservoir Recreation area, bordering the lake. Park at the east end of the parking lot. From the east corner of the lot, locate the two “outhouses” and walk past the one closest to the lake.

You will see a small path descending to the lake shore through the brush. Walk down the path. As it descends, almost half-way down, you will notice a large boulder (about 14 inches, a third of a metre, in diameter) embedded on the left edge of the path.

About one foot (or 30 centimetres) to the left of the boulder, under a small juniper bush, are a couple of pieces of broken bark and 2 small rocks. You will find the Grouse hiding under the bark & rocks.

Please be careful if the area is crowded, as it can be on a summer weekend.
Please replace Grouse, box, bark, leaf litter and rocks as found, to protect it from curious foxes!

This box was originally hidden by BlueJ, AngelA and Mason Mouse and relocated by BlueJ.