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Grape Knife LbNA #55586

Owner:The Olde Oak
Plant date:Sep 7, 2010
City:Lower Lake
Found by: Rockstahls
Last found:Oct 7, 2010
Last edited:Sep 7, 2010
Numerous places to plant a letterbox called Grape Knife in this region, but here is where it’s landed:

Start on Hwy. 29. coming from either the Kelseyville direction toward Lower Lake or the Lower Lake direction toward Kelseyville. You will be looking for Siegler Canyon Road which is right off Hwy. 29. I come from Kelseyville so I turn right onto Siegler Canyon Road. From Lower Lake turn left onto it. In half a mile you will make a left turn onto Perini Road. Drive up Perini Hill following Perini Road.

Until about the year 2000 this area was wooded and lots of folks came up to look for Lake County Diamonds.

However, now most of it’s a fancy vineyard called Snows Lake Vineyard and there are few legal spots to pull over to the side of the road. I found myself feeling rather angry at these Snows Lake Vineyard people for making it so unnecessarily difficult. As you proceed you will notice the soil becoming redder and redder. The redness of the soil seems to correspond to the quantity of diamonds you may find along the way, especially after a rain. If you see a spot that looks OK to pull off the road do so and note the small, shiny chunks of “diamonds” in the soil.

After a couple miles you’ll come to a sign reading County Maintained Road Next 4 Miles. At that point you have 1.8 miles further to drive. Along the way you may note unobtrusive green metal gates numbered. You will be parking near Gate 8. Here also you will note some rather large red boulders on the north side of the road. (Should you come to a Y in the road you have driven too far. However, you might note Snows Lake from this point and I've never seen it anything but dry.) You will counting beginning furthest from the direction in which you came or Gate 8 until you reach the eleventh boulder. Include in your count a large boulder just behind the others and a boulder on top of another. Behind this boulder on the vineyard side and wedged under the boulder and hopefully obscured by a rock and some pine needles should be the Grape Knife Letterbox.

Please take special pains to rehide the letterbox carefully.

And thanks for coming!