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Tule Elk LbNA #5507

Owner:PenGwen Contact
Plant date:Sep 1, 2003
Found by: Team Serra's Silver
Last found:Oct 19, 2009
Last edited:Sep 1, 2003
1/25/11 There was communication with Ranger at facility. He was aware of lbox and said he had it and would put it under ramp. See him if box not there. He was cooperative!
1/17/2010 We recieved a note that the box needs a new logbook. If the next finder could replace it we would appreciate that effort. The box is about 3"X5".
Note: hours 9:00 Am - Sunset, Fri-Sun
Wheelchair, stroller accessable.

Tule Elk State Reserve protects a herd of tule elk, once in danger of extinction. In the 1880s, vast herds of tule elk were greatly reduced in number by hunting and loss of habitat.

Cattleman Henry Miller began a 50-year effort to save them in 1874. At that time, few elk remained. In 1932, the herd was given permanent protection in a 950-acre property, now known as Tule Elk State Reserve.

Elk from the reserve have been successfully transplanted to other areas in California where free-roaming herds of tule elk can be found today.

The elk are most active from late summer through early autumn. Visitors are encouraged to bring binoculars for better viewing.

The park has picnic areas and interpretive exhibits.
The reserve is north of Gorman, south of Buttonwillow, west of I-5 via Stockdale Highway.

From I-5 approximately 25 miles north of the junction of I-5 and 99, go west on Stockdale hwy approximately 5 miles to the left turnoff for the Reserve. Watch for the sign for the Reserve marking this turn. Head south for a few miles more. The Reserve is located after a right hand bend in this road. Park and walk to the viewing platform. After watching the Elk, look east toward the visitor center. The letterbox is located under the ramp leading up to the visitor center on the right side. It is at ground level under the end of the ramp .It is an olive drab platic container. If you are interested in locating a nearby geocache,I found one while looking for a spot for this letterbox. I had no clues or GPS. A good letterboxer doesn't need em,so that's all the info you get. Hope you enjoyed this diversion from the boredom of the I-5 drive.

Note: The above directions were sent to us by jennymacvet on 6/5/2004. It seems as though during some construction the letterbox was moved to it's present location by the rangers and of course the directions had to be changed to the present ones. Thanks jenny and super thanks to the rangers.

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