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Chester GreenBelt LbNA #54320

Owner:The End Contact
Plant date:Jun 26, 2010
Found by: knottyknitter&dirtmonkey
Last found:Aug 12, 2010
Last edited:Jun 26, 2010
This was placed to celebrate The Chester Creek"green belt" parks here in Anchorage. This is a series of parks connected by trails and bike paths. The yellow house, on left has pretty lighted trees at Christmas time. This is how I found this little park.

While on Lake Otis Parkway, find E 24th street. At the end there is a cul-de-sac. Park here-- East Chester Park is on your right.
Going between the large rocks follow the paved path to your left. There is a playground with a climbing wall,swings etc here for the kids.
Continue along this paved path untill it joins up with the paved bike path.At this joining take a left towards the metal bridge and pond.. Just before the bench and picnic table, look down on your right. There is a large rock. Between the large rock and a smaller one under and back of it is Chesters Green belt.
please be careful as this bike path is quite a busy one.

Nana C and the seedlings have taken over my boxes