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CFET LbNA #54164

Owner:KatPau Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jun 20, 2010
County:San Bernardino
Found by: AntHilarie
Last found:Apr 15, 2021
Last edited:Jun 20, 2010
CFET Letterbox
This letterbox is for people that would like to get out into the woods and see a variety of terrain. If you hike more of the trail than just the short section to the letterbox you’ll be able to see beautiful open oak, pine forest, and huge granite boulders, as well as fields of manzanita. The trail to the letterbox is about 1/10th of a mile with an easy grade, while the full trail is 4.5 miles one way with an elevation gain of 1300 feet. Please hike as little or as much of the trail as you like, just enjoy the area!
Directions to Trailhead & Children’s Forest Visitor Information Center. Take Highway 18 through down town Running Springs. At
the stop sign, turn right to stay on Highway 18 going toward Big Bear. The
Children’s Forest Visitor Information Center is approximately ½ mile past
 the stop sign on the right, just before Arrowbear. It is open from May to September on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 9am to 5pm.
Info can be obtained at

To get to the trailhead, go just past the Children’s Forest Visitor Information Center
 and turn right on Keller Peak Road. Follow the road about 1/10 of a mile to the parking area on the right.

From the parking area take the trail on the right at 150° North to the first stream crossing. Walk to the middle of the stream, turn around, and walk back up the trail 7 steps. From here look up the hillside at 325° North and you will see 2 stumps. 5 feet below the lower stump is another piece of wood between 2 rocks pointing towards the stumps. The letterbox is hidden in a hole behind some wood pieces.

Note: All compass directions are true North.