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Some Big Fish LbNA #53592

Plant date:May 20, 2010
Planted by:Four Kings
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found:Oct 6, 2014
Last edited:May 20, 2010
Smith Lake is a 21,200 acre man-made lake located in Cullman, Winston, and Walker Counties. With 500 miles of shoreline, finding fish is not a problem. Like most lakes, the abundance of fish (bass, bream and crappie) are found by casting near large rocks and fallen trees around the shoreline. How big are they? Over 16% of the black bass population exceeded 15 inches (2007). The truly big fish may be out there too. Striped bass over 40 pounds are present and some experts feel that a 50 pound record-setting fish may be caught soon! One angler reported fighting for a fish that eventually broke his line that “had to go at least 70 pounds”! Now that’s “Some Big Fish”.

“Some Big Fish” can be found at Smith Lake Park located in Cullman County.
Directions to the park: Take I-65 Exit #304, go to top of ramp and take a left turn (traveling north) or a right turn (traveling south). Travel 5 miles to Smith Lake Park sign. Turn Right. Travel two miles and turn left at next Smith Lake Park sign.

The park has cabins, tent and RV camping, a swimming pool and water slide, and boat docks. Check for fees and hours.

Enter Smith Lake Park.
Circle around past the pool and head toward the camping area.
Turn right on Bluebird Lane.
Go to Pavilion 2 (on the hill, on the right). Park.
Walk up sidewalk into the pavilion and go to the cement picnic table on the waterside.
Go to the side of the picnic table closest to the water and the corner that is farthest from the pavilion.
Approximately 25 paces toward the water is a decaying tree stump.
Continue another 25 paces (in a westward direction).
You will see a medium sized light colored water oak with a “belly button”. Look for the belly button about 2 feet above the ground.
Below the belly button is a natural opening at the tree base.
Inside of the opening you will find “Some Big Fish”.