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SE Lamppost LP LbNA #53582

Owner:Lee & Nancy Contact Supporter
Plant date:May 22, 2010
County:Los Angeles
Found by: thedriver.theboxer.andme
Last found:Dec 1, 2013
Last edited:Dec 9, 2015

Hint (05/22/10): The box is not in Bellflower, but that is where your search begins.
Hint (06/22/10): The box is not so much a destination, as it is a journey.
Hint (07/22/10): To get to the "West", one might have to travel east.
Hint (08/22/10): Fry Rice may or may not be a hint, but "First Four" probably is.
Hint (09/22/10): Pears should be consumed from the broad to the diminutive. The first two are often consumed together as a pair of pears, where they are joined.
Hint (10/22/10): I ate out at the beach.
Hint (11/22/10): Your journey is easiest when travelled upon a number of roads.
Hint (12/22/10): Milliseconds go by in a blink of an eye. While staring at my strange watch around 9:15, I noticed that the two hands are always opposite one another.

Hint Helpers (added 05/22/2011):
May - the clue directs you from bellflower to the box
Jun - again the clue is the path to the box not the location.
Jul - go East to get to something "West"
Aug - the first four (3) words is a hint to the city where box is.
Sep - Use the numbers in Pairs from the broad Century and Year to the diminutive milliseconds.
Oct - exit at the Eight
Nov - use numbered roads
Dec - If a compass was a clock, at 9:15, the big hand (north) would be pointing right - maybe 90 degrees.
Now if we only knew what the SE and LP in the Box name meant.