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Mariposa Azul LbNA #53542

Owner:Creeping Death Contact
Plant date:May 17, 2010
City:El Segundo
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:VIENNA Contact
Found by: shooting starz
Last found:Dec 4, 2015
Last edited:Jun 27, 2019
An endangered butterfly lives in this area
Blue ink pad preferred

Bookworms unite
Look for MARIPOSAs and you will find a GRAND prize
If you dont have time to read you can get a
Book on Tapes
Go to first shelf with book tapes you run into
You should be able to face clock on the west wall
and to your right behind you will be a single glass door
Tie your shoe at this corner
You should be able to still see the clock
Behind this in the valley of steel
Finger search on left side
A long tin box with a field of lavender mariposas

NOTE: when replacing box make sure it stands where
it won't fall down into the middle valley