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UCLA Wise Owl LbNA #53185

Owner:Clarinet 226 Contact
Plant date:Apr 24, 2010
City:Westwood Village
County:Los Angeles
Found by: JampersandJ
Last found:Jun 23, 2013
Last edited:Dec 22, 2016
Has some attempts, but don't let that stop you from trying!

Your journey begins at UCLA in Los Angeles, CA. There is a fee for parking in the lots. Please be careful that you are not seen by any people sitting in the area where the box is. Please be discreet and don't damage the plants. Bring gloves in case of sharp sticks. You will also need a compass.

Begin at UCLA. Locate Powell Library at the top of the Janss Steps. Stand under the magnificent arched doorway of the library. (Notice the owl at the top.) Facing the doorway, take the path left with the shrubs on your left, and the library on your right. At the end of the path, turn right and right again up the hill. At the top, go to the sprinkler in the right corner. At the sprinkler face Royce Hall. At 220 degrees, in the shrubs, close to the wall is the camo bag.

When you are done, please re-hide the box EXACTLY where you found it, and cover it with leaves, and the shrub branches. Make sure you are not seen by anyone finding or re-hiding. Thank you.