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Mystical Creatures LbNA #52968

Owner:Hez, Grumpy and Mona
Plant date:Apr 10, 2010
Found by: Nairon (2)
Last found:Mar 18, 2023
Last edited:Apr 10, 2010

As of 10-8-10, box one is missing. When replanted I will update the clues.

Take route 71 in Berlin. From the north you will pass route 364 on the right, pass Old Hatchery Road on the left and just past that you will see some old chicken coups on the right, take the dirt driveway just past the coops towards the greenhouses and follow the signs for the Metacomet Trail. The trailhead starts behind the greenhouses in the right-hand corner. From the south you will pass parking for Cathole and the Metacomet Trail. Continue down 71 until you go down a small hill, the greenhouses and chicken coups will be on your right.
Follow the directions above to the trailhead.
For those with GPS the dirt driveway is right across from 2200 Chamberlin Highway which is also route 71.

Cross the bridge and follow the trail to the right. There are no blazes here as the Metacomet is up above you and this must be a feeder trail to get to it. When you get to a split in the trail, go to the left and follow the trail uphill. There were plenty of pink marking tapes tied to the trees which we followed and are assuming that these will someday mark the trail. When you get to the top bear left and pass through two stonewalls. If you are Hiking With A Friend, you might want to check out the second wall. Up ahead you will see blue blazes and you will go to the right with the blazes, not straight ahead. You will be heading south towards Cathole.

Follow blue until you come to a fire ring on the right and a wooden bench. With those on your right, look left to a three sister hemlock. Look behind it for Pegasus the Winged One.

Back on blue passing through Cedars, stonewalls and you will eventually come out of the woods. Take a right and follow the dirt road right until you see a wooden stake on the left marking the entrance back into the woods. Continue on blue through an open field with lots of private property signs and three deer stands. At the end of the clearing go back into the woods on blue and as you go down a small hill look to your left for an interesting looking beech tree. Behind the beech is a three pronged stump, look in the front of that stump for the Wizard.

Back on blue and soon you will cross a stream and see the road below you. Before going down hill look straight ahead and see a tree that is really shedding it’s bark on the right. From that tree head towards the ledge to a black birch in front of the ledge. The last box, the Dryad is there.
If you planned ahead and spotted a car, follow blue downhill to route 71. If you didn’t turn around and retrace your steps.
This took us about an hour and a half to hike and plant boxes, and we had a car at both ends. Not sure of the mileage, maybe a mile and a half one way.