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Too Many Dogs LbNA #51884

Plant date:Jan 2, 2010
Planted by:the ruBr stampers
Found by: Whispering Eye
Last found:Jan 23, 2010
Last edited:Jan 2, 2010
Tricky dogs. Picky dogs. Happy, lappy, licky dogs.

You'll find them all in the off-leash park on Trinity Road, at the back of Shelby Farms. If you're coming from Germantown Rd., go past the first entrance to the one with the sign from the old penal farm days. Notice what gate number this is. You'll need the number for your calculations.

This letterbox was planted for Kala Dog, who's not a dog at all but who has been crazy about dogs since she was very little. Now that she's not so little, I thought I'd give her a math problem to keep her challenged while she's counting dogs and searching for her letterbox...

Down below is an algebra equation whose solution will provide a clue. You'll need to keep track of the value of the variables....

* The gate number is "a."
* Walk down the road past the tree with a birdhouse. Look for a post. The number on the post is "c."
* Keep walking past the farm implements to the boundary. Look close for another post. The number on the post is "b." The number on the bumper sticker on the post is "d."
* Take the left fork and soon you'll see a post with another hidden number. This number is "e."

Now solve for x:

16x + e = a + b^c + 3d

Remember this number. Now keep a close eye for something that looks like an upside-down 22/7. Across the path from this landmark is a secret lake.

Somewhere on the footpath around this lake is a geometric shape formed by x related items. If you were calculating the perimeter of this shape, you'd run smack dab into Too Many Dogs.

Note: ^ is a way to type "to the power of" - for example 3^2 = 9