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They Call Me "2-Fast" LbNA #51847

Owner:Whispering Eye Contact
Plant date:Jan 1, 2010
Found by: Angel Winks
Last found:Jul 7, 2011
Last edited:Dec 4, 2015
This letterbox is located at the Cancer Survivors Park off of Perkins Rd. near Southern.

Park at the back by the pond in the circle loop. To the left you will see 2 benches near each other. Walk around the pond in that direction. Keep circling close to the pond's edge until you come upon a wooden pole with a rusted chained attached to it. With your back to the pond take approximately 30 steps to the large tree directly in front of you. Inside the trunk of this tree you will find the planter's pouch.

Please be sneaky as this park is usually populated. In addition, please rehide the pouch well. Stuff with leaves to help conceal it if needed.