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Vista Reversa Box LbNA #51696

Plant date:Nov 26, 2009
City:San Francisco
County:San Francisco
Planted by:Demetrius
Found by: deniserows
Last found:Jan 16, 2011
Last edited:Nov 26, 2009
This Box placed by Demetrius and Agent F-Word - crossposted at!

Anchored on one end by a twisting slap of greenery that hosts a leftistly-muraled edifice, and on the other by San Francisco's famous Protection, this 25-block long street (no prime meridian is involved, it doesn't even run in the right direction for that) hiccups steeply in its middle.

At that interruption, ramble in the stepped terraces until you find a bench which affords a fine view of the Golden Gate. You'll be gazing past a gnarled old tree, easy to climb. Clamber up on the friendly old Ent and investigate nooks and crannies to find...Vista Reversa Box! And remember kids, carve your stamp in the *opposite* of the picture you want to create...