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George's Box LbNA #51135

Plant date:Jun 5, 2009
City:Rolling Hills Estate
County:Los Angeles
Planted by:P7565V
Found by: Not yet found!
Last found:N/A
Last edited:Dec 1, 2015
Hello! We are a Girl Scout troop. If you find this to be fun, we have also hidden some more around that you can look for, too.
Start at George F. Canyon, in the parking lot on PV East, just south of the Nature Center. You will follow a well marked trail to find the letterbox:
1. Locate the green trashcan that is in the parking lot and walk towards it. You should also see two wooden posts. Walk through them and keep going forward past the big white rock.
2. If you pass the announcement booth, you are going in the right direction!
3. Keep going past the “Life in a Streamside Forest” sign.
4. Keep going straight…NOT UP!
5. Walk past “Flights of Fancy” sign.
6. You should eventually cross a brown bridge over a mucky brown stream and turn left.
7. You should eventually find a fallen tree next to a bench.
8. Keep walking on the same trail and pass labelled stump #8.
9. When you get to a bench next to the “Symphony for the Senses” sign, you are in the right place! Between the two trees there is an opening. Walk through them and to the left is a white rock. There’s your target and now just look!
10. It is a red container under leaves, sticks, and rocks. Please re-cover the box when you are done so that other people can come and find it too. Thanks!