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First aid neededPushing Up Daisies #86 LbNA #50798

Owner:pawca Contact Supporter
Plant date:Oct 1, 2009
Found by: MasterSpy98
Last found:May 25, 2019
Last edited:Oct 1, 2009
This box is on the site of the Rohwer Japanese-American Relocation Center. From Rt 1 in Rohwer, look for the sign pointing roughly west. Take the short dirt road across the railroad tracks and through the cotton fields. The road ends at the Rohwer Center Cemetery. This is a pretty awesome spot. Wander around and read the monuments.

For the box, walk up to the monument erected by the inhabitants of Rower relocation camp. Just beyond this and to the right is a tree. Go behind it and look inside.

You might want to use some bug spray, especially on your ankles!