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Pushing Up Daisies #85 LbNA #50791

Owner:pawca Contact Supporter
Plant date:Sep 30, 2009
Found by: Knotty Lady
Last found:Apr 7, 2012
Last edited:Sep 30, 2009
April 2012 - Thanks go out to Knotty Lady for a status on this box. The clues have been updated.

This box is in the Key Underwood Coon Dog Cemetery south of Cherokee. From Hwy 72, take Hwy 247 south 12 miles to Coondog Cemetery Road. The Cemetery is about 5 miles on the left. There are signs. Check out this web site for more information.

Walk around by the picnic pavilion till you see the sign for Spring Water. Do watch your step. The trail is steep but you don’t have to go far. Just past the sign the box is under a log that kind of looks like a dug out canoe, just much smaller. Make sure it’s covered well when you’re done so it can’t be seen from the trail.