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Cone Zone Hero LbNA #50650

Owner:The Olde Oak
Plant date:Sep 28, 2009
City:Redwood Valley
Found by: mr ahclem
Last found:May 13, 2017
Last edited:Sep 28, 2009
According to one public official the job of highway worker is the most dangerous job in America. Every year in April, Caltrans takes a day to memorialize those workers who have lost their lives on the job. Dan Broeske (1948-2005) was a veteran highway worker who died instantly after he was crushed under the wheels of a dump truck, when a contract worker assigned to direct construction traffic turned his back to answer a personal call on his cell phone.

To find the Dan Broeske memorial drive north on Hwy. 101 past Ukiah, past Calpella. Exit at the Redwood Valley West Road exit just past the Daniel Broeske Memorial Highway sign. If you start going uphill toward Willits you’ve gone too far. If you make Canada you’ve really, really gone too far. At the stop sign at West Road check out the bus stop on the right. Park across the West Road from the bus stop. Walk west onto the large treescaped area in between the freeway entrance to Hwy 101 north and North State Street. Find Dan Broeske’s memorial. From the west side of that memorial walk west about 20 steps to a live oak (a small tree 9/28/2009). Now stand at the south side of that tree. Site 240 degrees. Walk to a medium sized redwood tree in about 22 steps. Under the tree at its base, east side, under some redwood duff you should find the Cone Zone Hero Letterbox.

Please close carefully and securely. Hide carefully as it looks like Caltrans does a super job with the landscaping at this site. And thank you for coming!!