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Sparky LbNA #50498

Plant date:Sep 20, 2009
Planted by:Harthaven Contact Inactive
Found by: Hart x6 (3)
Last found:Sep 26, 2012
Last edited:Sep 20, 2009

Exit 48 from I-5. From the North, turn LEFT, from the South, turn RIGHT. Make an immediately LEFT after the RR tracks. Follow around. Go STRAIGHT through the 4-way stop. You are on Pine Street, which turns into East Evans Creek Road.

Elderberry is approx. 17 miles out of Rogue River, Oregon, off of East Evans Creek Road.

Turn Left on Elderberry. In about .5 miles there is a wide spot in the road where fallen tree trunks have been moved off the road. Park here. Walk west to the end of the wide area. There, is a fallen log. Behind the log is a Maple tree with many young shoots at the base. It is at the base of the Maple where SPARKY resides!

In approx. 1 mile you will not see a gravel pit, but a gravel MOUNTAIN! Pull in and park here. There may be other cars, because this is a popular swimming hole for nearby campers.

Walk along side the gravel and find the trail head. (South side of gravel) on left. Follow trail.

You will pass between 2 large boulders. In about 25 feet, you will find a forked-trunked Fir on the right. Behind this Fir is a moss-covered rock. BE LEAF ME when I say your prize is on it's North side!

Follow the path down. It will then curve to the left. Continue on the path.

A large tree leans over the path - Stand with your back to its up-turned roots. Approx. 10 steps is a tree, and about 4 ft. beyond that is a moss-cover, leaning tree. LE FLEURS is near the back side of it's base.

Go back to your car, you can either drive or walk (it's not far) to the other side of the gravel. You will see two large MADRONE Trees. Walk between them, careful of the 'slippery slope'. Beneath the 'arm' of the left tree is your prize
Take time to look around you at the beauty.