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Freedom Tree LbNA #49151

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jul 24, 2009
Found by: silly_one_75
Last found:Oct 10, 2010
Last edited:Jul 24, 2009
Head over to Lucerne on Highway 20 and pull into the Lucerne Harbor Park. Park in the parking lot of the park. Find the Freedom Tree and read the plaque. What year is inscribed? Add the four digits and double. That will be the number of steps you will take. Next for direction: Take that same year and add the first and second digits on the left. Multiply by ten. Add the last two digits to that number. The resulting number is your compass direction. Go where you’re supposed to go. Have a sit admiring the view and making sure you slide over as far to your right as possible. Get up and grub around at the base of the willow in the ivy directly behind where you were sitting.

Thanks for coming and please reseal everything tightly before you take your leave.