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Stonehenge LbNA #4889 (ARCHIVED)

Plant date:Jul 21, 2003
County:Alberta, CAN
Found by: Blue J
Last found:Sep 3, 2004
Last edited:Jul 21, 2003
From highway 2A take Woodlawn Dr. west
Turn right into Fairview.
Take the first left after passing Hart's Heart.
Say a kind word for Richards and Tillotson.
Hang a right at Dowswell Intersection.
Turn left as you go by Braithwaite.
Take the very next right and park in front of the triple Stonehenge.
Standing to the right of Joshua, Caleb and the grapes,
Take 13X3 paces past the triple Stonehenge to the huge lilac bush where Nora keeps watch over the box.