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The Del Oro LbNA #48795

Plant date:Jul 9, 2009
City:Grass Valley
Planted by:Little My
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Sep 23, 2012
Last edited:Jul 9, 2009
Built in 1940 by United Artists, the Del Oro has been a Grass Valley icon for generations. The Art Deco architecture and newly re-illuminated 70-foot tower harken back to the golden era of movies. But inside (I've read) there's nothing old-fashioned about this theatre. The interior was completely rennovated, from the seats to the sound system. Offerings on three screens range from blockbusters to sleeper hits. Read more at

To find the box, you'll want to go to the intersection of Mill and Neal Streets. There's a parking lot on the SW corner, but during business hours the security guard will keep an eye on you to make sure you're not just leaving your car there and going to lark about at the nearby shops. You could make a withdrawal at the ATM for later, but I just told him I was re-packing stuff in my car and he ignored me.

Go to the corner of the lot caddy-corner to, and with a splendid view of the theatre tower. There's a hedge between the you and the sidewalk, but just a few steps south along Mill, the hedge ends and... there's a tiny metal house. How strange! Seems like a great place for a magnetic letterbox, but since it's already busy hiding a bunch of irrigation controls and pipes (I'm guessing), the next best place is slightly closer. On the Neal Street side of the little house, the curb drops into the hedge's planting area. There, you'll find a piece of more traditional building material. Look under that, and you get the gold.