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Letterbox by the Thingy at Cheswick Park LbNA #4844

Plant date:May 14, 2007
Planted by:gardengirl Contact Inactive
Found by: Dan the man
Last found:Jun 10, 2024
Last edited:May 14, 2007
Replaced May 14

Letterbox by the Thingy
Cheswick Park; across from Henrico Doctors' Hospital

To Cheswick Park on ForestDr.:

From Interstate 64 going west, take the Glenside/Broad St. East exit
Shortly thereafter at a light, you will come upon Forest Ave.
Turn right on to Forest
Cross Westhill Rd., Rockwood Rd., and Skipwith Rd.s
See hospital on left
get in right lane and slow down
Park entrance(only 1) is on right
easy to miss; if you get it the first time you're unusual

Letterbox by the Thingy

Difficulty: Easy; close to parking lot (~5 minutes)

-From the parking lot, find the sorta wooden curvy beige bike rack
-Head on the paved trail with the bike rack on your left
-See "Lifecourse Start" sign on your right
-Continue on trail and cross bridge with handrails
-After bridge, pass wooden sit-up thingamajig on your right
-Look for sign of person with walking stick
-Just beyond the sign, past the large oak tree, go on the gravel path to your right
-Keep going until you pass the bar doohicky with the hanging rings
-Cross wooden footbridge
-see "3/4 mile" sign; keep on trail, bearing to the right
-See man-made wooden thingy on left kinda like a big board on an incline?
-Walklike 3 yards past it ( while still on trail)
-Within 10 yards of thingy, on same side of trail as thingy, look for hole at base of a tree trunk. The hole will be hidden by rotting pieces of wood or leaves and sticks or any combination.
-The letterbox is in that hole! (Be careful sticking your hand in the hole.)