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His Daddy's Tree LbNA #48321

Plant date:Jun 21, 2009
Planted by:PenGwen Contact Inactive
Found by: JoySong
Last found:May 25, 2024
Last edited:Jun 21, 2009
Father’s Day, June 21, 2009

Mountain Bikes would be nice if you plan on biking in from main road (1 mile)*
A 3 season box, not accessible during the winter. The road will be closed.
Handicapped accessible to the Bush Tree, but not to the letterbox.

The information and clues start in Kernville at the Bridge.

Time: 1 hr 30 minutes drive from the Bridge, 43.2 miles into the high country in Tulare County. Walk to box: 1 hr to 10 minutes depending on where you park*
Start with a full tank of gas. Bring lunch, drinks, water. There is a restaurant/store about 20 miles up river, (Mc Nalleys) but regular hours are kept only in summer. A great place for dinner with huge steaks…make reservations on you way to the letterbox if on a Friday or Saturday.

Starting in Kernville at the bridge crossing the Kern River head NORTH on Sierra Way, driving for first 20 miles along the scenic Upper Kern River canyon. At the Johnsondale Bridge keep heading on main road (do not turn right towards Kennedy Meadows). You will pass South Fork Falls on your left. Next you will pass the resort area of Johnsondale on your left and are now back in the forest. Turn RIGHT at the sign noting Camp Whisett, Peppermint creek campgrounds, and Lloyd Meadows (do not go on Western Divide Highway or the Trail of 100 Giants).

You will be driving 18.9 miles on the Lloyd Meadows Road. It turns and climbs and the vistas open up to expose huge acreage of the Kern Plateau. You will be passing our
Pachyderm Point box and Peter K’s Camp Whisett letterboxes. Did you bring clues?
The views alternate between forest and rocky side cuts and various side roads to campgrounds and private ranches. After nearly 19 miles there is a broken sign on the RIGHT, reading: President Bush Tree just before the LEFT turn into FREEMAN GROVE.

Note; if you see a sign for the Forks of the Kern Trail and reach the end of the road, (Jerky Meadows Trail head), where there is a bathroom, but no water or trash cans, turn around as you have gone too far. Drive slowly until you see the sign for Road # 20S78 and turn in.

*Now about that walk in. We parked in a wide turn around just outside the pipe gate and the walk in is a nice hike of about a mile and perfect for your mountain bikes. The road is almost level and not too rutted. Of course you can drive in if the gate is open. You can disregard the “No Motorized Vehicles “ Warning if the gate is open.
FYI the combo to the gate is 2078.

At the end of the road you will see a hard packed path in front of you and to the right. The road does curve to the left but it looks like a large turn around. Park near the path. From here there is a loop trail of about approximately ¼ mile that takes you through the grove to the well-marked President Bush Sequoia. It is a fine specimen but you came for the box, right?

CLUES: From the rocky slab in front of Bush tree, turn around, and cross the path and go towards the 3 large logs that look like they would hold 20 –30 folks Moving between the big logs you will find yourself on a dirt trail and in the short distance to your right you will spy a little wooden bridge crossing Freeman Creek. Yes, by all means head to the bridge but be quiet and put on your stealthy attitudes. You are now on a stretch of the Freeman Creek Trail that intersects with the Bush tree trail. From the bridge follow the trail in a south easterly direction just a short way, approximately 110 big guy steps, now walking between trail side giant Sequoias and towards the twin V trees on your left. Directly behind the twin V trees is a huge tank size boulder. STOP after passing the boulder. Turn left towards the back of the boulder and walk in about 8-9 steps stopping just 1 step short of the edge of the rocky duff covered rocky platform. The box is nestled in a crevice against the long backside of the huge boulder, just at your feet covered by 3 rocks and tree duff. You can stamp in on a small log just past the boulder as you came in. Please be sure the box is tightly closed and the baggie within is sealed. There is snow for several months of the winter.

When researching our clues please be aware that when previous searchers list “ATTEMPTED” on the clue sheets it may reflect more on their abilities as finders than indicate whether the box is viable or not. We do monitor our clues and boxes pretty well and appreciate the notes written to us by those that find or attempt our letterboxes.