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Downhill Squirrel LbNA #48200

Plant date:Jun 14, 2009
Planted by:Bacon and Eggs
Found by: DevilinDog
Last found:May 23, 2023
Last edited:Jun 14, 2009
The "Downhill Squirrel" has recently been sighted on Sweetheart Mountain in Collinsville. Sweetheart mountain was formerly a ski area that is now part of the Canton Land Trust.

To find the squirrel, follow the clues for "Celebration in a Box". After rehiding well, continue on yellow to the intersection with the red trail. Follow red, past some rock ledges on the left. Soon you will see a stone wall off trail to your right. At the next double red blaze, look for a leaning white birch on the right. Behind the birch is a large oak tree. The squirrel is hiding out here, waiting for the next snowfall.

Please note, there is no ink in the box. Please rehide well. Continue an red, back to the intersection with yellow, and left back to your car. This is a 1.25 mile rountrip hike. Happy hiking!!!!