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Memorable Mariposa Monarchs LbNA #48176

Owner:sannerhikers Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jun 13, 2009
County:Santa Barbara
Found by: Vegas Kittz
Last found:Apr 28, 2013
Last edited:Jun 13, 2009
This letterbox was placed by students of Mariposa Elementary School in Redlands, CA
We are apart of group called the Adventure Bible Club. Our school Mascot is the Monarch Butterfly. At the end of the school year we all celebrate and go camping at Carpinteria State Beach. Last year we had a blast going letterboxing in Summerland (see the Roxie and Friends Letterbox series) and thought that this year (2009) we should plant one of our own. You can access this letterbox from the State Campground or from Dump Road at the parking lot for the Tar Pits Park and the Costal Vista Trail. (You will have to pay Day Use fee to enter the State Park, so use Dump road to the parking lot if you are not staying at the campground to avoid paying a fee).

You want to find the Carpinteria Costal Vista Trail near the Tar Pits park. In runs along side the railroad tracks on the ocean side. At Dump road there is railroad crossing and parking lot. Also you should see a commercial pier off the coast from this parking lot.

If you are coming from the State Campground you will want to walk to the end of the State park (Past the San Miguel loop) to the trail head for the Costal Vista Trail. (There is a sign) follow this trail south until you see the parking lot and and commercial pier. The directions will proceed from there. Look for some Monarch Butterflies along the way, they like this area.

Once you have these points. You will need to be on the Costal Vista Trail. Just before the stop sign (if you are coming from the campground or Northernly direction) for the Dump Road railroad crossing there is fork in the trail; one path goes towards the ocean - take this path. As you begin walking on this path towards the ocean look up, do you see the “loch ness tree” in the distance? Keep walking on this path until you come to the end of the path and it meets another trail; go right (north) and proceed 18 (adult) steps to another smaller path on your left, turn and follow this path (towards ocean and cliff) and look for the large rock with the marker on it. The marker notes about a women named Beverly Ann Guth.
Do you see the Huge Cypress tree with the rope hanging from it. BE CAREFUL OF THE CLIFFS!! But no worries, the letterbox isn’t there. But look out at the rocks in the ocean you might see some seals.
From this point walk to the nearest picnic table and then turn around and face the ocean. The letterbox is buried under a green bush just to the right of you across the path.