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America the Beautiful...West Virginia LbNA #48152

Owner:Flutterby Flew By Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jun 14, 2009
Found by: mamooshatoots (now Stamper)
Last found:Feb 11, 2024
Last edited:Jun 14, 2009
#48 West Virginia
By Irish Ref
Bolton Park & Ride
(Stamp size 2 1/2 x 3 1/2)
From 384 westbound, take the first exit and you will see the sign for the Park and Ride on your right. Pull in here and park in the back row, about midway.
Please bring blue ink with you for this image.
The beginning of this walk is not the prettiest, but it soons gets very lovely. Find the end of the guardrail along the back row. There are a few large rocks and concrete barriers at the beginning of it. From there you will head down the well-worn, though unblazed, path.
At the first "Y", go right through a natural arbor.
You will then come to a "T". Go left on the wide path, which is actually blazed blue and yellow. You are also on the main road of what used to go into the Manchester Drive In Theater. If you look up, to your left, you can see the frame of the old screen.
Continue on and soon you will see that the blazed trail goes off to the right. Go with it to enter Freja Park.
A short way in, blue goes off to the right and you will now stay with yellow.
At the next "Y", go left, again with yellow.
You will be walking a bit until you come to a "T". The yellow goes right, but you will need to go left here.
This trail is mostly unmarked, but you will see the occasional black blaze.
Cross over a trail that is closed in both directions (left and right).
Soon after that you will come to a spot with large rock/slickrock across the trail. There is also a large two sister on the right edge of the trail.
Go behind this tree and look between it and the large rock there for the wonderful West Virginia letterbox by Irish Ref.
Retrace your steps to the beginning.

~Planted by Flutterby~