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America the Beautiful...Georgia LbNA #48114

Owner:Flutterby Flew By Contact Inactive
Plant date:Jun 14, 2009
Found by: mamooshatoots (now Stamper)
Last found:Feb 11, 2024
Last edited:Jun 14, 2009
#10 Georgia
by Buttercup
Route 6/44/384
(stamp size 5 x 6)
Make your way to the Bolton Boat Launch off of Rte 6/44/384 the Bolton Notch State Park. (This is where the three roads meet and share for a short time) The road is very difficult to spot and a sharp right off Rte 44.
You can park your car here in this parking lot or make your way CAREFULLY down the dirt road ( many HUGE potholes ) . Stop and park to the left just before the dirt road passes over the bike trail , PLEASE DO NOT DRIVE ANY FURTHER AS SOMEONE LIVES DOWN THIS ROAD . There is a No DUMPING sign here .
Please bring black ink with you.
Walk down this bike path heading towards Vernon.
You will pass signs for the Railroad Brook Fish Habitat Restoration Project . There is a small wooden bridge near this sign but stay on the bike trail as you head to Vernon.
You will follow blue blazes on this trail and an old road on your right.
The railroad Brook Watershed signs will also be on your right on posts .
Travel down this trail until you come to the Vernon/Bolton Town Line sign on the left.
Just after this sign is a great little waterfall on the left . Face the waterfall and look left at about 220 degrees. There is a fallen log perpendicular to the trail about 22 steps away. Go investigate approximately 8 steps alongside the fallen log to the twin sister tree. The gorgeous Georgia letterbox by Buttercup is waiting under the fallen log . Very close to the twin sister. Have a seat on the bench and stamp in.
Planted by Pine Tree