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Living Fossil LbNA #47767

Owner:The Olde Oak
Plant date:Jun 1, 2009
Found by: MO UR4Me
Last found:Mar 25, 2023
Last edited:Jun 1, 2009
Equisetum or horsetail ( has been referred to as a “living fossil” and as a genus has been around over one hundred million years. It’s a pretty interesting plant and contains silica within its cell walls. Because of that equisetum was called “scouring rush” by pioneers and used to scrub pots and pans. It grows along shady streams and can be found as a rather small plant looking a bit like pine tree seedlings to larger, sturdier plants as tall as six to seven feet. It is not uncommon in California and can be found in the stream just bordering the parking area of Montgomery Woods as well as a few other places within the park. So drive on up there and peek down:

To find the letterbox head up the trail toward the main grove. When you reach Elizabeth Orr on your right saunter down and give her a pat on her big rocky noggin. Then walk upstream on that flat area below the main trail. Very, very soon you will find yourself in a larger flat area which usually has a picnic table or two. From the middle of the flat at about 160 degrees find big sister and little sister redwood trees bordering the flat. Walk to the base of big sister and reach into the hollow behind a few rocks.

Happy stamping in! Please close everything up tightly as this is a wet place in the fall, the winter and the spring.

Note: In some seasons mosquito spray or lotion is a welcome companion.