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Shutterbug LbNA #4770

Plant date:Jul 9, 2003
City:Peachtree City
Found by: Road Junkies
Last found:Apr 10, 2009
Last edited:Jul 9, 2003
Level of difficulty: Easy
Status: NEW LOG PLACED - - - MAY 2006
Box has been adopted by Castle 16 as of May 2006.

This box is located at the most photographed spot in Fayette County - Starr's Mill.
The mill is now part of the Fayette County Water System. The park hours are posted as 6:30 - 6:00 EDT and 6:30 - 8:30 DST
The park is located at the intersection of Georgia Hwy 74 and Georgia Hwy 85 off of Waterfall Way.
Picnic tables are available so feel free to bring a lunch.
Fishing is allowed with the proper license of course.
Rest your vehicle in the area near the picnic tables and the mill.

Stroll towards the mill. Check out the structure. Snap a few photos. Wander around just don't get in the water.

Go up the hill to the next structure. Wander around behind it - what's that? It's like something from StarTrek - I think Spock used this thing. You better write down the numbers from it!

There is a path to the left and one to the right -- hmmm -- Looks like wild animal's place to the left. Unless you really want to check it out, go to the right.

Wander along, check out the scenery, what is that up ahead?? Do not use it to go over the falls! Remember, the sign said don't touch the water. There's sure alot of things growing in the water beyond the rocks here, better head to higher ground.

What is that up ahead? A very strange looking tree. I think it is deformed at the base. Stop here and cross off any number that you don't see in the number you wrote down earlier.

Take 930 paces going along the path on your right.

There are 63 pines on your left. The treasure is at the base of one of the rear trees. It is in the ivy. Poke around carefully, it could make you itch or could have critters in it.

Be discreet while exchanging stamps. Please replace the box carefully.

7051 paces will get you back to the animal house.

As always, be careful of your surroundings and be safe. Be sure to read the disclaimer.