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A Froggy Went A Hiking LbNA #47649

Plant date:May 31, 2009
Planted by:Bacon and Eggs
Found by: Nairon
Last found:Nov 18, 2023
Last edited:May 31, 2009
This letterbox is on the green trail at Roaring Brook Nature Center in Canton. To get there, take Lawton Road off Rt. 44. Bear left at the first stop sign. At the second stop sign, take the middle road. This is Gracey Rd. Drive .5 mile and the entrance is on the left. You can print an very detailed trail map on the Nature Center website. Please note: there is no ink in the box. Black is all you need.

To get to the green trail, take the red trail in whatever direction you prefer to the yellow trail. Continue on yellow, which will cross over Bahre Corner Road. Be careful crossing. At post #3 go left. At post #10 you can go either left or right through the Quarry. Continue on to post #12.

At post #12, you will see the intersection for the green trail on the left. This is the Orchard Trail. Follow green, going slightly uphill. Soon you will see a red sign ( End of state property), and the trail turns sharply to the right. Continue on, past a stonewall on the right. Walk through a break in the wall and continue on to another brake in a stonewall. From here, look for a 2 sister birch tree on the left. Across the trail from the birch is a large rock, u-shaped on the top. What you seek is behind this rock, covered with leaves and sticks. Please rehide well.

Continue on green, the trail will end at a grassy field. Go right on the grass path, which will take you to the intersection of silver on the right. Take silver for a short time, which will intersect back with yellow. Take yellow to the left back to Bahre Corner Rd. and back to the red trail, which will take you back to your car. Happy hiking!!!