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Lucia's Lookout LbNA #4730

Plant date:Jul 5, 2003
State:New Hampshire
Planted by:Morgan's Family
Found by: 4Js
Last found:Aug 11, 2011
Last edited:Jul 5, 2003
Difficulty: Moderately Difficult
Location: Lucia's Lookout, on the south end of the Mt. Sunapee Range along the Modnanock-Sunapee Greenway. Its a 2500 foot peak with spectacular views!
Mileage: Depends on where you start - from Pillsbury State Park it is a 7 mile round trip hike.

Since getting there is a bit of a challenge, Morgan decided that the clues should be relatively simple! She says you should be enjoying the tremendous view, a big slug of water, and some snacks once you reach the peak rather than trying to figure out clues.

Get to Lucia's Lookout however you prefer. Morgan's Family had a delightful weekend camping at Pillsbury State Park, so we took the Bear Pond Trail to the Monadnock-Sunapee Greenway north to Lucia's Lookout, then back to Pillsbury via the Five Summers Trail (on the recommendation of the ranger back at camp - the Five Summers Trail is a bit more flat, so it is nice on the way back...just a bit muddy, though, so if you choose to go this way keep that in mind. Morgan was in mud up to her armpits but was loving every minute of it! Woof!)

Once you are at the peak, sign in at the trail log book if you'd like (contained in a mail box attached to a tree). From the trail log take a bearing of 330 degrees and look behind a rock to claim your prize!

Remember to bring your compass - you won't be able to easily "run" back to the car if you get up there and realize you are without it!

Have a great time, carry lots of water to stay hydrated, and please read the disclaimer at before setting out. Enjoy!