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Cowboy Accessories LbNA #46817

Owner:Lee & Nancy
Plant date:Apr 18, 2009
Found by: KraftyG (2)
Last found:Apr 5, 2022
Last edited:Jun 9, 2018
06/01/2018 - Replaced both boxes.

Begin at Irvine Regional Park. There is a $5 entry fee per vehicle, although you could probably park at the shopping area at Jamboree and Chapman and walk the extra half mile each way. Once inside the park, take the first left past parking lot 1, to lot 2. From the south end of Lot 2, cross the road and go 340 degrees across grass to a small trail (straight ahead from the 7th parking space from the south end facing the road). Once through the tree line, continue at 280 degrees across the gravel road and onto the Willow Trail.

Box 1. Six Shooter
Take the Willow Trail for a short distance to a small concrete slab on the right side of the trail. The box can be found by standing in the center of the slab and going 12 steps at 170 degrees, and looking under the suspicious pile of rocks (SPOR) next to a small bush/plant.

Box 2. The Boot
Continue west down the trail to the second slab, also on the right side of trail. The Box can be found 5 steps from center at 0 degrees under another SPOR next to plant.

Either continue down the trail to get the nearby "Roundup at Irvine Ranch" letterbox or return back the way you came.