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Texas Hold 'Em Series LbNA #46370

Plant date:Apr 5, 2009
Planted by:EH5(second email)
Found by: Team JSABAIL
Last found:Oct 25, 2014
Last edited:Apr 5, 2009
This series is located in Joe Wheeler State Park in Rogersville, Al. After entering the park, follow the signs to the picnic area/beach. Go to the "Day Use Area" The real "kicker" is that you may have to "Ante Up" an admission fee of $1.00 per person and $.50 for kids and seniors. This area is open from 7 am until sundown. Drive to the dead end and turn left. Park close to shelter 3, this is where your hunt begins.

You will notice a fireplace at the back of shelter 3. If there is a "Full House" here, no big "Deal". Go around the shelter and behind the fireplace. Here is a place fit for a "King" to "FLOP" and take in the view of the water. Find the "marker" where the stone is missing "check" here and you'll find your first stamp hidden behind.

Now find a trailhead to the west of shelter 3. (opposite direction of the pier) Follow this trail a short way to the "TURN" back to the parking lot. Find a hollow in the tree closest to the "V". You can "Bet" this is your "Ace in the Hole".

Follow the short trail "Straight" back to the parking lot. Cross the lot to the Men's restroom. If you use the "Pot", don't forget to "Flush" and wash your "Hand". From this side of the building walk toward the pier closest to the beach. On the way to the "RIVER" you'll find a tree with "Three of a Kind" trunks. Try not to go "Wild" this is where you'll find your "Jackpot".