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Miwok Bark House LbNA #46078

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Inactive
Plant date:Mar 22, 2009
Found by: fleetwood7
Last found:Sep 20, 2009
Last edited:Mar 22, 2009
The Miwok Bark House letterbox resides near the top of Mt. Burdell above the half-hearted beginnings of a mock Miwok village at Olompali State Park. To access Olompali a little north of Novato on Hwy. 101, you must be on the southbound side of the highway. If not, turn around when you can. $8 parking fee.

The Miwok lived throughout central California ranging about as far north as Cotati. Bark houses, modest and used mostly for summer dwelling, were often in Marin County constructed of redwood, while those in Yosemite were of incense cedar bark, aged at least two years. Sometimes by the turn of the century they were of commercial lumber or whatever serviceable material was on hand.

From the top of the Loop Trail you can access the Mt. Burdell trail. Walk until you see the bench on your left. Walk further approximately 200 steps. On your left not too far from the trail side you will note an old oak stump, hoary with age, about ten feet high with a twisty at the top. You will find the Miwok Bark House letterbox behind it covered with bark litter.

Thanks for coming. Watch out for poison oak. Please close everything up tightly and hide from easy sight.