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The Red Vole LbNA #45720

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Inactive
Plant date:Feb 22, 2009
Found by: The K Family
Last found:Feb 2, 2015
Last edited:Nov 1, 2015
Well, there are pine voles and water voles and rock voles and prairie voles and root voles. Maybe more. All over the world. And of course there is the red vole which lives in the forests at the tops of conifers such as Douglas firs and redwoods in coastal Northern Calilfornia.

Voles are small elusive rodents and the red vole known also as the Pomo (for indigenous Native Americans in this area) vole, Sonoma vole, and perhaps the darned voles, is secretive, little being known about them. They subsist on fir and redwood needles and make their nests high in the trees. Few people have seen this mammal as reportedly they live their whole lives at the tops of the trees, never descending to earth. But then again who knows where a vole might travel now and then and on what mission by the dark of night.

A European water vole named Ratty is a leading character in the beloved children's book Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame.

To look for The Red Vole Letterbox drive to the Avenue of the Giants parallel to Highway 101. Stop in one of the turn-outs on either side of the road on the south end of Pepperwood at the start of the access trail to Newton B. Drury and Ralph W. Chaney Grove in the Humboldt Redwoods State Park. Follow the path through the redwood forest. Pass by the rough hewn seat and keep walking. Arrive at a small trail sign and small road. Cross to the other side where there should be another trail sign. Take 10 steps further down the trail. To your left should be a large stump. About 4 1/2 up and in a recess on the stump facing the trail and slightly to the left should be The Red Vole Letterbox. Stamp in knowing the red vole may be watching and wondering what sort of strange creature indulges in this odd pastime while never experiencing life at the tops of the trees. Please replace and rehide carefully making it all look natural.

Thanks for coming and please reclose everything securely to keep out the forest rain and rehide carefully.