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The Rocking V LbNA #45584

Owner:Hez, Grumpy and Mona Contact
Plant date:Feb 8, 2009
Found by: Heyford
Last found:Aug 12, 2018
Last edited:Feb 8, 2009
The Rocking V Letterbox

Placed by Grumpy
Placement date: February 8, 2009
State: Arizona
County: Pima
Nearest city: Tucson
Number of boxes: 1
Trail difficulty: slightly moderate; rocky desert mountain trail with some up sections.
Stamp hand-carved

This box is in the Coronado National Forest northeast of Tucson. Driving towards Tucson from the east on I-10, take exit 275 and go north on Houghton Rd. Turn right on Catalina Highway. Going towards Tucson from the north on I-10, take exit 256 and drive east on Grant Rd. Turn left on Tanque Verde Rd. Turn left on Catalina Highway. Drive up the highway and look for mile post 7. Continue for 0.7 miles and turn right into the Bug Spring Trailhead. Walk UP the trail. You will soon arrive at a junction – continue to the left. The trail will wind up the slope to the top of a small ridge, level off for a short distance, and make a significant left turn. From the middle of the left turn, go at about 40 degrees (from mag. north) for about 29 steps to a large flat boulder leaning against a rocky outcrop-like hill. An old concrete reservoir may be seen from this rock at 130 degrees down in the canyon bottom. The box is wedged under the north side of this boulder and behind a couple of rocks. Be very alert for snakes.

This box was placed for the 5th Annual Tucson Letterboxers Gathering.