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Two Oaks LbNA #45520

Owner:KatPau Contact Inactive
Plant date:Nov 22, 2008
City:San Juan Capistrano
Found by: katielu
Last found:Mar 14, 2014
Last edited:Nov 22, 2008
Two Oaks Letterbox
Distance: 2.1 miles for the loop
Difficulty: Easy
Season: All Year
Type: Easy Hike
Caspers Wilderness Park
33401 Ortega Hwy.( P. O. Box 395)
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

The park is open every day from 7 a.m. to dusk. There is a day use fee of $5 per car. If it has rained recently, the trails may be closed so check with the park before you go. Restrooms are at the trailhead, but bring water. Here is the link to the park:
Maps and Brochures of the park:

There is lots of poison oak in the park so make sure you know what it looks like and avoid it. Also be cautious because there are rattlesnakes and mountain lions in the area as well.
Before you set out, please read the waiver of responsibility and disclaimer

How to Get There:
Caspers Wilderness Park is located approximately 7-1/2 miles inland from the Mission City of San Juan Capistrano in Southern Orange County. To reach the park, take the Santa Ana (5) or San Diego (405) Freeway to the Ortega Highway (74) exit at San Juan Capistrano, Ortega Highway off ramp. Turn due east, inland, along Ortega Highway and proceed 7-1/2 miles to the park entrance. Park at the Old Corral Picnic Area.

Pick up or download a park map. Take the Bell Canyon Trail north. Turn left onto the Star Rise Trail. Walk a short distance to the junction of Star Rise Trail and Oak Trail. Turn left (south) onto Oak Trail. You will pass a bench on the right side of the trail. Continue to follow the trail as it curves around. You will find a Sycamore tree that is leaning over the trail. Pass under this and also under a large oak branch that crosses above the trail and curves down on the left side. Admire the large oak canopy. Standing next to where the large oak drops to the ground, continue down the trail for 52 steps. Look to your left and take 15 steps approximately 80 degrees from magnetic North to the Large oak tree. Go around the large vertical trunk to the back side of the other trunk that is laying almost horizontal. Look for the split / separation of the horizontal trunk. At about 4 foot height you’ll find the box hidden behind a strip of bark. Be careful and look for creepy crawlies before you reach in and pull out the box.

If there are any problems with the letterbox please let us know.
Enjoy... KatPau