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A desert by any other name... LbNA #45458

Plant date:Jan 29, 2009
Found by: Waneta Wench
Last found:Jan 22, 2015
Last edited:Jan 29, 2009
"The saguaro has been described as the monarch of the Sonoran Desert, as a prickly horror, as the supreme symbol of the American Southwest, and as a plant with personality. It is renowned for the variety of odd, all-too-human shapes it assumes, shapes that inspire wild and fanciful imaginings. Giant saguaro cacti, unique to the Sonoran Desert, sometimes reach a height of 50 feet in this cactus forest, which covers the valley floor, rising into the Rincon and West Tucson mountains. Since 1933 this extraordinary giant cactus has been protected within Saguaro National Park. Preserved along with it are many other members of the Sonoran Desert community--other cacti, desert trees and shrubs, and animals. In lushness and variety of life the Sonoran Desert far surpasses all other North American deserts." (Courtesy of

To the box:

Take Speedway Rd. west over Gates Pass Rd. You'll want to park in the parking pullout marked "G5". (This will be the second pullout on your right after going over the pass.) Look for the trailhead marked with purple rocks. You'll notice a cluster of large boulders up and off to the left as soon as you start on the trail. Make your way to those boulders.

Now that you're at the boulders, go to the south side of them. There's a small trail that goes between the large boulder on the left and a smaller boulder on the right to a medium sized palo verde tree that stands at about 90* magnetic north. You'll know that you're at the right palo verde because there's a small palo verde tree in front of it and a small boulder to it's left (which would be your right).

What you seek is at the base of the palo verde under some rock and branches.

Please remember that this is a desert environment.... there are things that can stick, poke, bite, or otherwise harm you. Be careful and be gentle!! :)

Let me know if this box needs attention in any way!! :) Thanks, y'all!! :)

Yours in 'boxing!! :)

~ AZJokester ~