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Legendary Find LbNA #45175

Plant date:Nov 20, 2008
Planted by:The Pink Ladies Contact
Found by: Baqash
Last found:Dec 23, 2020
Last edited:Nov 20, 2008
On the South-East side of Tucson is a community call Rita Ranch. This community is made up of more than 5,000 homes shopping, medical service, Domino’s Pizza, schools, Purple Heart Park, etc.

The land that Rita Ranch sits upon was once owned by legendary billionaire, Howard Hughes. Hughes once was the largest single owner of Tucson real estate. During Hughes ownership, he would often refer to the land along the dirt road of Houghton as "Rita's Ranch" after Rita Hayworth, who was a popular actress at the time. The name stuck and Rita Ranch was born.

To the box's new location: Go to the intersection at Valencia Rd and Old Vail Rd. On the NorthEast corner of this T-intersection you will find a medium size Mesquite tree (about 15 feet tall). From the North side of the Mesquite waslk about 30 fett North to a Palo Verde Tree. Look at the base of the North side of the tree for the SPOR. As usual keep your eyes open for scorpions, snakes, gila monsters and other things that bite and sting.