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Wilcox Property Series LbNA #45133

Plant date:Jan 3, 2009
City:Santa Barbara
County:Santa Barbara
Planted by:Santa Barbarians Contact Inactive
Found by: Woolfairy Clan (2)
Last found:Jun 2, 2009
Last edited:Jan 3, 2009
Wilcox Property Letterboxes (2 remain)


The total length of this is approximately 1.2 miles.

To get to the Wilcox Property (a.k.a. The Douglas Family Preserve), take the 101 freeway:
From the South – Exit Las Positas and turn left at stoplight off of freeway
From the North – Exit Las Positas and turn right at stoplight off of freeway

Take Las Positas until it comes to the end and turn left onto Cliff Drive. Follow Cliff Drive up the hill and make a right onto Mesa Lane. Follow this down and turn right onto Medcliff Road. Follow until the end and park on the street. There is no fee to visit the Wilcox property.
Start this series by staying on the wide path and keeping the ocean on your left.

TREE PLAYGROUND – LOST!!! Just past an open space, there is an area of fallen trees. Look to your left and take notice of a short concrete wall pointing towards the ocean. Look just beyond the cornerpoint and you’ll see a fallen three trunk tree. Look here for the first letterbox.

ACORNS – From the first box, return to the main path and continue on, keeping the ocean on your left. When you come to a fork in the path with a concrete slab on your left, keep to the left. Just past this on your right, there is a small grove of fallen trees. Enter the grove and look North East past the pile of fallen logs. A few feet in, there is a hollowed out tree stump. Look inside to find the acorns. Make your way back to the main trail and continue keeping the ocean on your left.

HENDRY’S BEACH LOOKOUT – LOST!!! Keep on this path until you reach the tree at the end – DO NOT FOLLOW THE PATH RIGHT. Walk up to the tree and turn around. Walk back towards the trail in a East South East direction 19 paces. You will be in front of a tree that looks like a shrub. Look under the shrub and you will find the prize covered in bark.
From here go left back to the main trail and follow it around the bend towards the mountains. Follow along the trail keeping the mountains on your left and the ocean on your right. Keep going straight on this trail.

GO FETCH! – As you continue on this trail, keep going straight, do not veer off just yet. You’ll pass a five trunk oak tree on your left after about 0.3 miles. Keep going on the curvy path and follow it, when the rocks cross your path take the right branch. At the crossroads by the “Dogs on Leash” sign, turn around so you are facing the mountains. Look for the lone tree and at the base is where this dog is playing.

Head back to the “Dogs on Leash” sign and take path South with the mountains behind you. Continue on this trail and keep left at the first fork. When you see the wooden pole on your left, keep right at the fork. When you come across the paved road, turn left onto it and follow this road until you see the “Quiet Zone” sign. Go right, past the fire hydrant and you’ll see the location of box #1 in the distance. Return to box #1 and go left to exit the property.

Make sure you cover the boxes completely when you are through. Please be discreet, this area is very popular with local hikers and dogs.