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Webdings HELLO LbNA #45028

Plant date:Dec 30, 2008
City:La Grange
Found by: DS
Last found:Apr 21, 2012
Last edited:Dec 30, 2008
Take Highway 57 to La Grange and go south on Main Street.

Main Street becomes Yager Road. Take Yager until you see the Wildlife Management Area pull off on the left before crossing the bridge. Park in this small area and then walk through the closed fence, go about 1/2 mile (I'm not good with distances). You will get to a clearing on the left, and a green boat at the back edge of the clearing. ( I wonder how that boat got here). Walk 100 steps past the green boat. You get to a small/medium tree, about 10 steps off the path on the left, that is completely curved down to an arch. Behind this curved tree is a trio of 3 big trees. The box is within the middle of this trio.