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The Marconi Condenser LbNA #44705

Owner:The Olde Oak Contact Inactive
Plant date:Nov 26, 2008
Found by: Nanks
Last found:Mar 9, 2013
Last edited:Nov 26, 2008
In 1907 Guglielmo Marconi and company purchased land in west Marin to build a large tower and receiving station for wireless signals to cross the Pacific Ocean.

To read more about this please go here:

Marconi also designed many specialized pieces of equipment to facilitate wireless. The Marconi Condenser is one of many of these devices.

Between the Marconi Conference Center (south of Marshall) and Pt. Reyes Station behind a particular tree is the Marconi Condenser Letterbox. Along Hwy. 1 driving south from Marshall is a pull-out space with walk-in access to the seashore. The mile marker right after that pull-out is 34.7. After parking your vehicle stand at the spot where you walk in. As you stand at this pedestrian access note the large tree in the distance at 240 degrees. That’s where you’re going. To get there walk along the informal path going between and by several old rose bushes. The first large conifer you pass by on your left is where you want to go. Turn south from the small path onto another small path and go around on the right side of this conifer. When you reach a mini-clearing you will note another small conifer with a twisted trunk. The Marconi Condenser Letterbox is under a twisted part of the smaller conifer’s trunk where it skirts the earth obscured with pine cones and a rock.

Good luck and please close the box carefully and tightly. When we hid the box there was something a little odd there. Let me know if it’s still there.